Landscape Services

Hardscapes, Patios & Walls

Pavers & Patios
As a licensed landscape contractor, We love hardscapes!  Paver patios and walkways are one of the best ways you can add value to your home and garden. Though more expensive than plain concrete, many say hardscaped patios (whether brick, concrete pavers, or mortared flagstone), provide a dollar-for-dollar return on investment.  During your design process we will help you consider important details that create beauty as well as maximize your return on investment.  Our construction & installation methods build results that last a lifetime. All our hardscape construction projects come with a minimum 5 year warranty (and we don’t make a habit of needing to redeem this guarantee).

Fences, Structures, Pergolas
Blue Ribbon Landscapes can provide many different sizes, shapes and styles of outdoor features for your landscape, including:

  • Fences
  • Cabanas
  • Pergolas
  • Privacy Screens
  • Arbors

We use a range of materials from wood, Trex, to vinyl, or custom wrought iron and Core-ten.

Quality walls can make or break a project.  Not only from a design standpoint, but also from a budget perspective.  Walls, done well, either CMU (cinder block) with stone veneer, stucco or segmented retaining walls (Belgard precast block), can add huge aesthetic value, and extend outdoor living space.  What you select for stonework can tie to your existing home veneer, to make your new garden seem like it has always been there.  Let us design your walls, manage structural engineering if needed, and craft it to last for years to come!

Softscapes, Plantings & Sod

Plants, Trees, Shrubs
Softscape areas compliment and help to break up (or soften) the landscape. Softscapes include elements such as plants, trees, grass, landscape beds, mulch etc.. Planting trees strategically not only provides shade during the summer months, but also beautifies your garden and adds value to your home. Various sizes, shapes, colors and textures of plants are used to create a home garden that looks natural and feels unique to your property. We can help you navigate through the complex plant design process and install softscapes that grow and develop into their fullness, avoiding costly, unnecessary removal down the road.  Plants are literally what brings your garden ideas to life!

Ponds & Waterscapes

Natural Features
Natural ponds, waterfalls, and other water features are one of our passions — and the difference between Your new “Blue Ribbon” water feature and those of other landscape contractors is this major emphasis on natural design features.  For example, we avoid the common “pile of rocks water falls” or “pond of pearls” techniques.  Ideas inspired by nature: hidden source, header pools, sunken logs, pinched stones, driftwood, etc. are concepts that will grace your new waterscape.  We primarily use Idaho Native Basalt or Boise Sandstone, and we ship basalt cobble out of Oregon and the Salmon River corridor to tie your feature together.   Long term construction includes: 10oz underlayment, mortared falls and pools, double liner under stones, autofill features, auto skimmers, check-valves, and biological filtration. Extras can include Koi ponds, pondless construction, UV lights, underwater lights, pond plantings, or all the above.  Your garden space is different, and so your water feature is always a one of a kind design.

Architectural Features
Architectural water features, such as fountains, viewing pools, and water walls, add value and curb appeal. The right architectural water feature can really make a difference, especially in a confined space with less room to work with. Water features are well known to add a distinct “uniqueness” to commercial or residential landscapes.

Irrigation & Sprinkler System Planning / Installation

Irrigation is critical to plant health and overall landscape maintenance. A beautifully installed landscape must have a well designed and installed irrigation system to stay that way. It is surprising how often irrigation systems are redesigned for landscapes that aren’t very old, due to poor original planning. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to recommend anyone investing in underground irrigation or sprinkler system installation and modifications to research their landscape provider — qualifications, experience, references — before hiring for this important service.

A well-designed irrigation system can be one of your home’s most valuable assets. Trees, plants, and shrubs that are healthy and well-irrigated will grow, mature, and appreciate, becoming an even greater asset and source of beauty and enjoyment.

A typical irrigation/sprinkler project consists of:

  • Analyzing and understanding the unique landscape specifications and client requirements.
  • Preparation of installation site, including layout, staking, excavation, boring, trenching, grading and back-filling.
  • Procuring and preparing irrigation pipe; knowing the features and limitations of various piping systems and their hydraulics, cutting and joining, etc.
  • Layout and install of piping and water delivery components, backflow prevention components, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical irrigation controls, and other system components.
  • Install of point source (or “drip”) irrigation, as needed, in planters.
  • Troubleshooting and repairing irrigation components as needed.

Our approach is “Do it right, do it once!”, and we include a 1 year warranty on workmanship, as well as the manufacturers’ warranty on irrigation components. Doing the job right the first time also means understanding and following industry best-practices and applicable Idaho code & licensing laws. We also use only quality components from industry-leading manufacturers, including RainBird, Hunter, and MP Rotator.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Kitchens/Rooms
“Outdoor living space” has become an industry buzzword over the past few years, as the popularity of outdoor kitchens and other outdoor rooms has increased. Your outdoor living space design/build needs continuity so that your home “flows” together from the inside to the outside. It’s important that your outdoor addition does not appear (aesthetically) or work (functionally) like a “bolt on” or afterthought. Rather, a well-planned and carefully constructed outdoor living space will benefit you and your family, while adding square footage, curb appeal, and financial value to your home. Did you know that according to “Remodeling 2018-19 Cost vs. Value Report”  from a backyard patio project nationally returned over a 55% ROI upon resale!  That is above and beyond the value you will get daily enjoying your new “Dream Backyard.” 

Whether it’s an elaborate outdoor kitchen with wet bar for entertaining or a simple covered patio with a fire pit or Chimenea, we can craft an outdoor living space unique to you and a place to enjoy for years to come.

Landscape Lighting
The icing on the cake for your custom landscape package is lighting. Technologies in lighting have exploded in recent years. Landscape lighting beautifies your landscape and home, adds security, and lets families and friends spend a few more hours each day enjoying your new outdoor garden. Whether you need lighting for safety to and from your car, or you just to see that beautiful birch tree we planted in the back corner, We can help you choose from a wide variety of outdoor lighting products to best suit your needs.

Fire elements are one of the most sought-after amenities in home gardens.  Whether you choose, a built-in element with a chimney, rustic wood burning firepit, or an elegant fire glass table, the possibilities are endless.  We typically install Warming Trend™ burners and while more expensive in cost, typically last up to 5 times longer than traditional stainless rings.  The flame looks more natural, and there is less “Whistling” with it than other types.  See comparison video Here

Maintenance Services

Weekly Lawn & Turf Services

Mowing and Edging
Our crews mow, edge, trim, and blow off debris on a weekly basis. Mowing patterns are altered as often as possible to reduce compaction and rutting. Mowers are equipped with full floating decks for difficult terrain, as well as striping kits to maintain a professional, manicured appearance. Cut heights range from 2 inches in the spring to 4 inches in the summer. Sidewalks and roadsides are edged with metal blade edgers where possible and string trimmers are used to edge tree wells and planter beds to keep shape and deter grass encroachment. Clippings are bagged and hauled away unless specified otherwise.

Turf Inspection
Turf is inspected weekly during the growing season for insect infestations or irrigation issues. We report any issues and give recommendations, and provide corrective services as requested. Any services resulting from inspection are billed as additional work.

Annual Bed & Shrub Services

Turf core aeration is a beneficial and proven practice with positive long term effects on turf and landscapes. We recommend a full aeration once per year. Pricing can be provided at any time.

Pruning & Cleanup
Trees are pruned in spring for proper shape and structure. Our certified arborist is typically on site during these projects. Cleanups are scheduled in spring, mid-summer, and fall, consisting of pruning trees & shrubs, and general bed cleanup. Pricing is determined on a per-project basis and includes disposal of debris.

Mulch, typically around tree wells, is beneficial in many ways and can be installed at any time. Pricing is based on square footage.

Weed and Trash Maintenance
Once a week, but not necessarily at the same time of mowing, we perform cleaning and maintenance to landscape beds; weeds are sprayed or pulled. Trash is collected and disposed of.

Custom Gardening / Cleanup
Weekly or bi-weekly personal gardening service where specific attention is given to beds (custom pruning, dead-heading of flowers, detailed weed management and raking/removal of debris). Pricing is on an hourly basis.

Annual Planting
A yearly plan is customized for your property, which includes design, planting of annuals, top dressing, and fertilization.

Plant Health Care

Turf Fertilization

  1. In April we begin with a liquid fertilizer application that includes More Soil Life© organic blended liquid fertilizer, with annual grass pre-emergent and weed control, tailored to ensure a vigorous spring green up.
  2. In June we apply a broad-spectrum weed control, as well as a mixture of iron, trace nutrients, and additional potassium to help turf sustain upcoming heat stress. Also at that time, in a separate application, we apply preventative billbug control to keep turf free from grub damage. Learn more about the soil-food-web and integrated pest management.
  3. In mid-August we apply a slow-release granular fertilizer and spot-treat weeds as needed.
  4. In November, we apply our winterizing fertilizer at a higher rate to develop roots and promote spring green-up.
  5. Optionally, we can schedule a recommended fall application of elemental sulfur which lowers soil pH, benefiting grass and other plants.

Tree Fertilization
Deep-root fertilizer is applied in late fall to promote healthy root growth. This application contains organic and chemical fertilizer, along with sulfer and important nutrients. Pricing varies based on tree size and quantity.

Ornamentals Fertilization
Fertilizer applicatoin for shrubs, vines, ground covers and annuals generally occurs three times per season. This fertilizer is high in phosphorus for richer plant color. Pricing is based on square footage.

Ornamental Spray
Trees and shrubs are sprayed on an 8-week cycle throughout the growing season to minimize insect infestations and to prevent future outbreaks. Pricing is based on tree size and quantity.

Spider Barrier
Our blend of preventative insecticide is sprayed on the house, under eaves, and around the foundation to prevent insects, spiders, and webs on the structure, as well as prevent insects from entering living areas. We use a truck-mounted sprayer instead of a conventional backpack sprayer to provide a more consistent delivery-pressure and insecticide application.

Pre-emergent is applied in early spring to keep weeds under control throughout the entire season. This liquid application is safe for all plants. Pricing is based on square footage.

Irrigation & Sprinkler System

Water is turned on and the sprinkler system is fully tested. Sprinkler heads are checked, water coverage is tested and evaluated for each zone, and watering time is correctly entered for each zone. Problems or issues, if any, are brought to our client’s attention.

Maintenance & Repair
Includes checking, troubleshooting, and fixing timers, valves, solenoids and filters, and/or adjusting heads, nozzles, and emitters. Repairing pipes and/or replacing broken or worn out heads or other parts. Pricing varies due to services provided and parts used.

End-of-season system inspection, typically in late fall after irrigation is turned off. Includes sprinkler blowout, where compressed air is blown through the sprinkler lines to remove remaining water to prevent winter freezing and cracking of pipes. We will also shut off the irrigation time clock at this time.

Commercial Snow Removal and Misc.

Snow Removal & Plowing
Parking lots and sidewalks are cleared and de-iced with snow accumulations of 2” or more. Residential snow removal is charged on an hourly basis. Commercial clients seeking snow removal should download our Commercial Snow Removal brochure.

Soil Analysis
Soil is tested to determine soil composition: pH levels, cat ion exchange rate, macro and micro nutrient levels. We recommend 2 tests per acre. Pricing varies by acreage and number of tests performed.

Pond and Water Feature Maintenance & Treatment
Water features are inspected weekly during the growing season for algae levels and other issues, and are treated monthly or on an “as needed” basis. Pricing varies due to size of water feature and products/methods of application.

Commercial Landscaping & Maintenance

Dozens of HOA’s (home owners associations), Property Management Groups, and Commercial businesses have trusted Blue Ribbon Landscape & Maintenance.

We are an energetic, full-service landcare provider with over 19 years of experience, trust, and positive feedback.  We have a proven track record of customer-focus, efficiency, and maximizing value and investment.

Many underestimate the costs associated with improper planting techniques, and with careless or haphazard landscape maintenance.  One reason we’re able to come in at or below other landscape companies’ bids is because of a truly serious dedication to safety, industry best-practices, and a continuing education program for our staff.

We are excited to meet with you and competitively bid for servicing your property.  We are confident that after weighing all the factors, you will choose Blue Ribbon based on the best overall value-price proposition.

Please feel free to call any or all of our references.  We make it a habit to over-deliver on every account… to never give you a reason to even think about using another provider.  There’s nothing more important to us than earning your trust and respect, business to business, as well as personally.  Please give us a call or email us anytime to discuss your HOA or commercial landscaping needs.